For many years ( over 40! ) I have been playing concertina. Soon after

I had started, I wanted to try better, bigger or smaller instruments and 

other systems. So I started to collect… Over the years I had well over

100 concertinas – and in the end I decided, to keep only

English-system Aeolas –and I don’t want to keep doubles either…


So I now have a number of spare instruments, which may be for sale.

Don’t expect to find “bargains”, as I spend a lot of money on the

instruments - but you can trust the description. Ideally you should

come to the German Concertina Meeting or visit me for a test-play…


( click for details… )




Lachenal 20-key Miniature


1.650€  ( ca. 1500 Pound )




German piano-duet


340€ ( ca. 280 Pound )







Please feel free to contact me about details and prices at!